back to the beginning

In the heat of the campaign it appears I’ve neglected to explain myself and this Odyssey. Now I can remember what free time feels like perhaps I should start at the beginning…

I suspect like many people, up until recently, I had been somewhat politically apathetic. In light of “ThisGate” and “ThatGate” and the seemingly constant squabbling and points scoring in Westminster, it’s no wonder many have come to believe that all politicians are the same.

It was a desperate state of affairs and it was built on despair for what was happening to this great nation.

Then the realisation came that if we give up on democracy then democracy dies. Further, if not happy with the way things are, simply moaning and griping wasn’t going to help.

So I took a good long hard look at what I thought was working and what was not. The issues may well chime with many: the improvements in NHS funding, the size of national debt, the reasons for going to war in Iraq, complexities of the various benefit systems (and the “benefits trap”), the decline of the role of family, the ever growing state control and the erosion of civil liberties, to name a few.

To me there seemed to be only one Party facing up the size of the problems on a local and national level, and being honest with the electorate. The Conservative Party.

Much to the dismay of some of my friends I volunteered to help with the Conservative campaign in Ipswich, a truly marginal seat here in East Anglia. Having met Ben Gummer, the Conservative candidate, at a number of community events and discussed his views on local issues I was quickly convinced he was the man for the job.

So it was that a number of things started coming together. As well as joining the military grade and immensely enjoyable campaign operation in Ipswich, I was unexpectedly accepted onto an MP Shadowing operated jointly by OBV and Communities and Local Government.

The scheme is designed to improve the political representation of ethnic minority communities in local and national politics, and make politics more accessible and in turn more representative.

I have to say when I saw the calibre of the other applicants during the interview process, I was sure that I stood little chance. It came as a very pleasant surprise when I was invited to attend the induction day at Westminster.

Since then as I have explained it’s been something of a roller coaster ride, not least of which has been the 28 hour polling day marathon!

The Election result may not have been what any one voter would have wanted, and the Coalition born of it will certainly present many challenges, and opportunity for mistakes as well as success. There is great deal of work to be done, and we must hope that this Government is up to the task.

My task is slightly more straight forward. I have been privileged enough to have received a unique opportunity. First and foremost I must do my up most, in concert with my fellow Shadows, to make politics more accessible and do my part to help re engage a disillusioned general public. And who knows, perhaps find my way in to public service…

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