First day at the House…

Today MP’s descended on Westminster to choose a Speaker. For many of the fresh faces of politics it would have been their first act in the Commons (except for those who had pressing Bingo commitments).
In all seriousness and beyond any joking from the Front Benches, those assembled today in the Commons realise they have a huge task ahead of them, repairing not only the damage to the economy, but the damage to the nation’s trust in Parliament.
The full scale of that damage which has been starting to come to light over the past few days, will no doubt be brought into sharp focus in the coming few weeks.
With 272 new MP’s in Westminster, of which there are 72 new women MP’s and 16 new BME MP’s, we must hope that a new kind of Parliament can be achieved, one which more closely represents the electorate and which can win back the trust of the British public.

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