iPhone 4 and the Coalition…

On the face of it the two may seem to have little in common, and some may wonder if this blogger has lost his marbles.

But let’s look at some of the parallels:

Both were widely rumoured and speculated upon, particularly in the the period immediately prior to their announcements. Similarly both promised to be somewhat revolutionary in their respective environments. Some would say that the announcements were met with equal measures of wonder and disappointment from various elements of their audiences.

Many would have been practically salivating at the prospect of a “reinventing the wheel”, or of “doing things differently”. Many so called haters also proclaimed each as a massive FAIL (not a term this blogger is particularly fond of). Neither group in each case will ultimately be proved entirely correct, indeed the prejudices behind either of these points of view will likely be brought into sharp focus through the lens of hind sight.

Launched less than a month apart, the true cost of the two entities is only becoming apparent in almost complete synchronization. The true economic reality of the Coalition, the legacy they have been left with, and the stern measures necessary to address it, was only ever going to be first sighted in the Emergency Budget published today. The true cost of repairing the economy is likely to continue to rise until the spending review is completed in October, and may prove to be the ultimate test of the Coalition.

On the other hand following the fanfare of the iPhone 4 launch it became clear that the viability of the wondrous possibilities offered by Apple’s new device, was likely to hang, for many, on the contracts and pricing put in place by the various mobile operators hoping to cash in on the sparkly new handset from Cupertino, and where they slot into the various economic strata defined there.

It’s fair to say that whether the iPhone 4 proves to be all it can be is of significantly less importance than if the Coalition can do the same.

The reality is that neither is likely to live up to its full revolutionary potential, nor is either likely to be doomed to complete failure. Each brings something new to the table, and will force the competition to dig deep to come up with something truly more compelling. We can only hope that this will ultimately be beneficial for us the general public.

Will this blogger be buying into the new iPhone? Well unlike the situation surrounding the Budget I have the luxury of being able try before I buy, and will wait to see what my fellow fanboi’s make of the latest Jobsian offering and it’s associated pricing structures before deciding whether to take the plunge.

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