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Recruiting for 2011/12 MP Shadowing Scheme. | OBV

May 11, 2011

Recruiting for 2011/12 MP Shadowing Scheme. | OBV.

Having had the privilege of being on this great scheme last year, I can highly recommend this to any one who wants to know more about how our democracy really works, and wants to embark on a Political Odyssey of their own.


12.6M people can’t be wrong…

May 6, 2011


So the verdict on AV is in and it’s a resounding NO.

Infact it has been such a huge victory, we might be forgiven for thinking that perhaps we worried a little too much about not enough voters coming out to defend FPTP.

In other news, the Lib Dems had a bad night, as did Labour north of the Border, whilst the Conservatives did rather better than expected nationally.

OBV MP Shadow Launch Day

July 5, 2010

Today the Shadows of 2010 met the MP’s they will be shadowing for the next six months.

There were some great motivational speeches and words of wisdom, plenty of media present for various interviews, starting with a TV interview for ITV. Talk about a baptism of fire.

BBC News – Diane Abbott goes through to next Labour leader round

June 9, 2010

BBC News – Diane Abbott goes through to next Labour leader round.

Excellent news. Some real diversity in the Labour Leadership battle.

BBC News – Today – Abbott: ‘I’m running for Labour leadership’

May 20, 2010

BBC News – Today – Abbott: ‘I’m running for Labour leadership’.

Fantastic, finally some real diversity in the contest for Labour’s top job.

An interesting day…

April 22, 2010

Today I found myself in the middle of a telling exchange between Harriot Harmon (Deputy Leader of the Labour Party) and Ben Gummer (Ipswich Conservative Candidate)
When pressed by Ben to confirm that she knew Labour’s claims that the Tories would axe the Sure Start program were untrue, the best the Deputy Leader could muster regarding Conservatives plans to invest more in Sure Start, was “I don’t trust you as far as I can throw you!”

But I’m getting ahead of myself, this journey began some months ago…