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Unexpected encounters

June 18, 2011

On Tuesday afternoon I arrived at the Plaza Hotel Westminster, a little late and more than a little hot and bothered from a rushed journey down to London after work.

I had largely missed the rumours of a secret guest at this Conservative Future Chairman’s meeting to celebrate the establishment of the new centralised membership database. And celebrate we might, as the efforts of CF Chairmen and committees across the country had gathered over 5000 new activist contact details, meaning that Conservative Future has the largest membership of any youth political organisation in the UK, surpassing both Young Labour and Liberal Youth.

Struggling with my name badge from the reception desk I entered the function room to discover the air con was on the blink – no chance of cooling down quickly then.

No sooner am I through the door than I am grabbed by Ben Howlett National Conservative Future Chairman and Clare Hilley Vice Chair Membership and find myself being introduced to the secret guest of honour – David Cameron the Prime Minister.

Managed to scrape together just enough composure to not make a complete fool of myself, exchange a few semi coherent words and remembered to smile for the camera…

…now if only I had managed to put that name badge on the right way round!

Here followed some great speeches from the PM and Party Chairman Lord Feldman amongst others, offering both praise and thanks for the hard work of CF members up and down the country.

This was in fact my second unexpected encounter with the PM. The First had come at Spring Conference in Wales, whilst waiting in my dirty gardening overalls and woolly hat for the bus to the CF social action project. At least this time I had been a little more presentable!

It was good to catch up with friends both new and old to discuss issues and plans for the future. A pleasure also to bump into Nicola Heath, a fellow veteran of the Ben Gummer 2010 campaign, now a the CF Chairman for all 3 constituencies in Croydon.

With such people as these at the helm we can feel confident that CF will continue to go from strength to strength and continue to be a “vital part of the Conservative Party” in the years to come.


Recruiting for 2011/12 MP Shadowing Scheme. | OBV

May 11, 2011

Recruiting for 2011/12 MP Shadowing Scheme. | OBV.

Having had the privilege of being on this great scheme last year, I can highly recommend this to any one who wants to know more about how our democracy really works, and wants to embark on a Political Odyssey of their own.

12.6M people can’t be wrong…

May 6, 2011


So the verdict on AV is in and it’s a resounding NO.

Infact it has been such a huge victory, we might be forgiven for thinking that perhaps we worried a little too much about not enough voters coming out to defend FPTP.

In other news, the Lib Dems had a bad night, as did Labour north of the Border, whilst the Conservatives did rather better than expected nationally.

NO to AV

April 14, 2011
Peter Boland's thoughts on AV

Peter Boland's thoughts on AV

I’ve been asked by Simon Woolley Director of OBV to write a piece on the AV debate from the perspective of the No to AV campaign.

I feel it is really important that question of whether AV is the right thing for the UK is discussed in full, so that people can decide for themselves whether they want to make such a huge transition and go out and vote for the electoral system they want on 5th May.

It’s going to busy weekend, and I will Press the Article on here when it is published.